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West Hollywood

West Hollywood

Private Garden

Homeowners: Robert Harrison and Ken MacFarlane
Maintenance: Saturate CA
Neighborhood: West Hollywood
Garden Size: 7,000 square feet
Started: 2018

A formal garden designed to complement a Colonial Revival home, this landscape showcases the versatility of native plants, and their place in a creative combination of planting styles and design objectives. Axial features, focal points, tree alleys, and manicured hedges all nod to formal design styles. Amongst those features, an overarching theme of sustainability and environmental stewardship prevails. Primarily native plantings support local biodiversity, hügelkultur berms help sequester carbon back into the soil, and reclaimed materials salvaged from the site have been transformed into a beautiful fountain and patio furniture. Explore this landscape at the intersection of design and sustainability.

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We are helping to restore living systems, and as that happens and as people join in and work with us, they become exuberant, they say “this feels right”.

—Leigh Adams

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