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Private garden

Homeowner: Teresa Mackey

Design & Maintenance:ย FormLA Landscaping

Neighborhood: Tujunga

Garden Size: 2260 square feet

Started: 2016

Home landscapes at the Wildland Urban Interface of Southern California require a unique set of considerations, including protection from wildfires. This private garden in Tujunga is a beautiful example of how wildfire safety features can be built into a stunning landscape that also provides local wildlife habitat. Home protection features such as defensible spaces, ember catching trees, and summer irrigated plantings can be seen in this garden, alongside a sedge meadow, sages, and native and succulent container plants. While the utility and safety features of this garden are important, it truly shines as a space to relax and entertain, for people and pets. Enjoy this thoughtfully designed garden at the edge of the city.

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The plants kind of do that, they kind of tug us in a little bitโ€ฆ the plants just kind of wrap you and bring you in and it just makes your heart sing.

โ€“Teresa Mackey

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