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Casa apocalyptica

Design: Chris Elwell and Kory Odell (homeowners) 

Neighborhood: Oxford Square

Garden Size: 12,000 square feet

Started: 2008

Casa Apocalyptica is a sanctuary of plant and animal life set amidst a sculptural collection of reclaimed materials and found objects. Its name refers to an idea that sparked the creative process behind this garden: What would it look like if native plants reclaimed the ruins of urban Los Angeles? With a brand new water feature in front, this beloved tour favorite is looking better than ever. The stream which runs through the backyard is home to native frogs and salamanders, and the owners curate an exceptional collection of native bulbs, annuals, perennials and shrubs. If you are looking for DIY inspiration, this playful and experimental home garden is not to be missed!

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Even though we’re just really an island in the middle of LA with these plants… it makes you feel like you’re connecting to something bigger.

—Chris Elwell

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