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Highland Park


LA Native Plant Source Garden

Design: Bruce Schwartz (homeowner)

Neighborhood: Highland Park

Garden Size: 21,000 square feet back yard

Started: 2010

Under the cover of majestic Coast Live Oaks, LA Native Plant Source Garden cultivates an ecological landscape with a hyper-local approach. Aside from a few plants that have been ‘grandfathered in,’ the planting palette in this landscape is based largely on what grows wild in nearby Verdugo Mountains and San Rafael Hills, just north of the garden’s location. The specificity of this approach enhances rather than diminishes the garden’s aesthetic, while restoring lost habitat. Wildflower meadows, Mariposa and Humboldt Lilies, local native shrubs and perennials create a landscape that evokes the hills of Los Angeles as they might have existed long ago. Appreciate the deep philosophy and subtle beauty of this remarkable garden.

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One can say, well what is my garden going to change? But one has to think in terms of the global collective movement of people deciding that they are going to plant the plants that grow where they live.

–Bruce Schwartz

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