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Los Angeles State Historic Park

Design: California State Parks, Southern Service Center

Lead Architect: Amy Schuessler

Neighborhood: Chinatown

Management: California Department of Parks and Recreation, California State Park

Garden Size: 32 acres

Started: 2001

The existence of this park is a testament to the power of community. Once slated to become a massive warehouse complex, this 32-acre landscape is the hard won result of grassroots community organizing. Since its designation as a State Park in 2001, this former rail station has been transformed into a vibrant cultural space that blends urban nature, recreation, art, history and community. Naturalistic and designed native plantings throughout the park support birds and wildlife, directly adjacent to areas designated for recreation and community gathering. This provides a wonderful example of mixed-use park space that celebrates Southern California’s cultural and biological diversity. Enjoy the sweeping views and beautiful plants and animals found within this important part of LA’s history and future.

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Access to greenspace is a fundamental human right… This is a story of David and Goliath where the little guy won.

—Luis Rincon

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