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Beverly Hills


Gottlieb Native Garden

Design: Susan Gottlieb (homeowner) with assistance from the late Rogers Weld
Maintenance: Carlos Roques and Emerson Funes
Neighborhood: Beverly Hills
Garden Size: One-acre front and back
Naturalist: Scott Logan

Started: 1990

With sweeping views of downtown LA, lush plants and stylish paths and hardscapes, the Gottlieb Native Garden is a glamourous landscape, and the stars of this space are the animals who call it home. More than 400 wildlife species have been documented on this single property, a much greater diversity than would be found in a conventional residential landscape. The water features, habitat nests, and over 200 types of plants are carefully curated to create a haven for Southern California biodiversity. Explore the terraced hillsides and vibrant plantings of this iconic garden!

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For me the most compelling reason for using native plants in my garden are conservation and biodiversity…If we all use native plants in our gardens, we can save the world”

—Susan Gottlieb

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